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By Center for Headache, TMJ, and Sleep Disorders
February 03, 2017
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Headaches commonly plague much of the population of the United States. You might think that headaches are a result of stress, too jaw painmuch strain on your eyes or too much noise, but it is also possible that TMJ is the cause of your headaches. Your teeth and jaw can be directly responsible for everything from headaches to sleep disorders. At Center for Headache, TMJ, and Sleep Disorders, a professional TMJ Dentist in Denver, CO,  Dr. Steven Wilk, can help you learn about the possibilities.

Finding Help For Your Jaw Pain

If your jaw is not aligned properly it can put tremendous pressure on your head and your teeth. TMJ can cause ear pain and pressure, tooth sensitivity, eye pain, cheek pain and even neck and shoulder pain. The migraine-like symptoms can be relieved with a variety of treatments including stretching of the jaw and its related muscles, as well as the realignment of the jaw. Utilizing oral devices to adjust the jaw while sleeping can relieve pressure and allow the jaw to relax. This can also allow proper air flow to go through the mouth and keep individuals from snoring. The teeth have a great deal to do with how you sleep and what you feel like. This qualified TMJ dentist in Denver, CO, can help you to see results and enjoy reduced pain and better sleep.

You don’t have to live with the headaches, tension, pain and sleep loss caused by your jaw. Contacting Dr. Steven Wilk in Denver, CO, is a good way to get started. Dr. Wilk with the Center for Headache, TMJ, and Sleep Disorders can help you learn more about how to free yourself from the problems. Call our experts today at (303) 758-4865 to schedule a consultation and talk about your treatment options. We look forward to bringing you the chance to sleep well and live pain-free.

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