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By Center for Headache, TMJ, and Sleep Disorders
October 10, 2017
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Are you suffering from severe headaches but don't know what the cause may be? Your Denver, CO, TMJ dentist, Dr. Steven Wilk, can help headacheyou.

In an article written by WHO (World Health Organization) in 2016, it was reported that approximately 50 percent of adults suffered from headache disorder. Now, while pain can affect a number of places in your body, headaches can turn into migraines and are a result of various things.

Here are a few things your dentist in Denver wants you to know can cause severe headaches:

  • Unchecked teeth that have developed cavities. The cavities erode the enamel and eat through the teeth infecting and causing the inflammation of the tooth pulp. In that case, you may need a root canal, but tooth loss and the need for dental implants may arise if you continue neglecting your teeth.
  • Gum disease, such as gingivitis, is when plaque builds up and bacteria flourish around your teeth and in your gums. Your gums may become red, sore and inflamed. If they're not taken care of, your gums may begin to recede and you periodontitis forms, which means you may lose your tooth or teeth if you don't visit your dentist.
  • Damage to your temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ, can cause difficulty chewing and your joints to lock.
  • Bruxism, grinding your teeth, can damage your teeth, but it can also be painful and lead to headaches.
  • If you have an improper bite, that can cause pain while your chew and bite.
  • Other issues causing pain may include neck aches and poor sleep quality due to a sleep disorder.

If you're experiencing headaches and need a doctor, visit Dr. Wilk in his Denver, CO, office. You can call to make an appointment or ask him about any questions or concerns you have at this number: (303) 758-4865.

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