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Our Philosophy

Head, face, and jaw pain can have a variety of origins, and include a wide spectrum of problems, with an equally wide range of treatment options. Our goal is to determine the anatomy underlying the discomfort, determine what factors are causing or aggravating it, and provide ways to improve the situation. The first stage is an accurate diagnosis, and this begins with collecting vital health information through our website, following this with a comprehensive examination, and collecting x-rays and other imaging as necessary and consultation with Dr. Wilk.

Education is a very important part of the process, as many of these disorders cannot be entirely “fixed”. So the more you understand about your problem the better you will be able to manage it.

Once a diagnosis has been established, Dr. Wilk will review an individualized treatment plan aimed at the most conservative and direct approach. Many patients are treated with specific oral devices worn in the mouth at night, during the day, or both, to stabilize the joint and muscles. Medications may be prescribed and injections may be used to help facilitate improvement.

Dr. Steven Wilk is a three-time board certified specialist in Orofacial pain and Dental Sleep Medicine based in Denver, CO. He is known for using oral appliance therapy to effectively treat sleep apnea and snoring as an alternative to CPAP. He has been fellowship trained in physical therapy modalities and…

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Front Office

Our front office team will help answer all of your questions regarding scheduling, insurance, and estimated cost of treatment. They will verify your medical insurance coverage prior to your first appointment, so you know what to expect financially. They will help work with you to set a financial agreement that will work with the treatment that is needed.

Clinical Assistants

Our clinical assistants have years of knowledge of treatment for TMJ and sleep disorders. They will explain to you the various treatments and appliance therapies that are available. Our assistants will help make sure that the custom-made appliances fit securely and are performing well. Our assistants are available to help troubleshoot broken or damaged appliances, and will help coordinate the repairs that are needed.